Today was all about improvise. I woke up with a plan to spend my day. But when I took a walk in the crack of dawn through the park with Kuzco, I suddenly thought of my sister and her kids. So I decided to call her, to come by for lunch. So off I went, to lunch at my sister. She lives on the other side of the water, so I wrapped myself in a dozen shawls. It is a very stormy day, and on water it always feels double the strength. I was glad I did, because my hair was blown straight, and I could even feel my cheeks wobbling.




I enjoyed my day very much. I had a lovely time with my sister, her mister-man whom also happened to be home, and my most adorable three year old niece, Angel. She wanted to make a nice drawing for me. When she was done, it truly was a Cobra style in the making. ‘Look’, she proudly showed me, ‘I made a very long car. And it is driving on the street. And the sun is shining and the sky is blue.’ I clapped my hands and gave her a kiss. Beautiful! I love how she used the watercolour for the environment, and the car drawn with strong lines of a felt-tip pen. I missed Dante, but he was lunching at a friend’s house. So I have to visit again soon, that’s the only logical conclusion.


drawing of three year old niece