It stopped raining outside this morning, as it did in my head. I felt happy. I made some choices today, and I felt good about it.

I decided that I will go to my physician tomorrow, tell him about the LUMC, and what’s going on at the moment. And tell him I want to see a psychologist. It never hurts to brush up my mind and knowledge. And if I start now, instead of waiting until I really need it, I perhaps only need a couple of visits. And I can even make myself stronger again so I could be a better support for Ramon.

I walked with Kuzco, and the morning air was so nice. Everything was still wet from rain, but you could feel that the clouds would pass, and the sun would come to dry all the plants and trees, and make their fragrances smell even stronger. One of my favourite flower is come to blossom, the wild poppy. And everywhere I look,






a bunch together, are filling the green grass with bright red dots.




When you look through the hairs of your eyes, it almost looks like an Action Painting, where red was the final splatter of paint, to make the perfect detail to stand out.

I went to the market, to buy the ingredients for a chicken soup. My own little garden is growing so strong, and I can even use some herbs and vegetables from it, which made me even more happy. I opened all the windows to let some fresh air in the house. Even that was full of symbolism. With every window I opened, I took a deep breath. My head still feels a little heavy from sadness.





But letting the fresh air come in, and feel the rays of sun piercing through the clouds, drinking my chamomile tea, and gardening my herbs and vegetables, to finally cut them and make my chicken soup, made little wholes in my heavy head.




The house smells so nice.


chicken soup


It is a good day.