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I don’t know why, but it still can surprise me. The lack of interest of some people in people and their jobs. The medicine I use to suppress my seizures, isn’t available anymore in the Netherlands. We had to make a lot of fuzz to get them from another country, so thank heavens I still can use them. I had to get another refill, so called the pharmacist to order them from Austria. That was the 20th of December. And not one moment did they bother to call me, or make some effort to call Austria where the hell they are. So today I called to ask if they are here already, but no. I could see her shrugging her shoulders and her eyes rolling, when I told her I really need them soon, because I’m almost out. ‘It’s not our fault.’ Was her only reply. Will call again tomorrow, and be the nagging customer…



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Joyce Kleine – Work in Progress