puppy love


Months gone by, with not a single spark of inspiration to draw or paint, or come up with ideas for new stories…

Until two days ago.

My fingers started to itch. I wanted this happy feeling work down on paper. I haven’t felt it this strong in so long. I just had to draw.

My sister went on a holiday, and from time to time, she send me updates of their wonderful time together. They were on a camping trip, and my niece and nephew had a great time. Playing, swimming, making new friends….. and having a first-time, kind of, puppy-love.

Oh my God! I couldn’t believe my eyes… My smile went up from ear to ear.

‘Love is in the air, hahahaha!!’ my sister wrote underneath the photo. It was a picture of my little (well…not so little anymore it seems….) nephew, with a little girl leaning on his shoulder, all cuddled up, watching Dante’s master-skills no doubt, while playing on a tablet.

Sure, I noticed those awfully, out of proportion, long legs, with feet that once were tiny little sponges with tiny Rice Crispies on them, and now are becoming more and more like personal rescue boats, before….

But somehow he stays that cute little three year old boy, whom made his aunty, the most happy and proud girl, to walk with his little hand in mine, through the Enchanted Forest in the Efteling.

Yes…. I know….

Wakey-wakey… it’s daybreaky! (say with extra drama, in a low voice with your hands covering your mouth)

( I did, anyway….)

Because this is an announcement call to myself. Stop acting like a typical grown-up, that stopped somewhere in time, and gets shocked every time you see your nephew or niece, that they did move on in time. Before I know it, I will start squeezing their cheeks, to feel if their the real ones, just like my grandmother did when I was little.

So, no cheek squeezing here!

I promise….

But I will keep being in awe, to see his life evolving through every stage. Just as I was, when I saw this picture. I am so thankful my sister wanted to share this special moment with me. Because this makes me smile big time!

Especially, because he or Kuzco always seem to be the ones, to get me out of my creators block.