The third floor has three bedrooms and a bathroom.

The smallest room, which is still a sizable room, we turned into a guest room. But I like to call it the children’s room. Because this room, is the room I’ve always dreamed about. My favourite room. I even take my naps there. It makes me feel happy.

guest room

The colour of the walls in the children’s room is a warm purple/ old pink, with a hint of mauve. It depends on how the light falls into room, which tone of the colour dominates. I love it so much. It almost seems like the colour of heather. Calm, serene, warm, and embracing.

I was pretty sure on the basics for this room. I knew what the main colour, was going to be, I already had the fabric for a curtain, and I  knew exactly where the paintings of my nieces and nephew were going to hang.


I wanted an old wooden bedframe, which we bought second hand for scratch because it was in a terrible condition. I restored it to its former beauty. I already had a wooden truck filled with toys, and the lighting was already decided 20 years ago. I got a crown shaped light from my mom when we were shopping together in Haarlem. We both imagined how wonderful it would fit in our future baby’s room. And until that time would come, it would also serve beautifully as a ‘chandelier’ above the dining table.

When it became clear we couldn’t have kids, the crown shaped light above the dining table was replaced because it was too painful to look at, but I never could throw it away or sell it. So I stored it in a box on the attic for all these years.


And now, finally, it would get its proper place to hang. I was so happy!


I got some inspiration for decoration on Pinterest. So I made little bookshelves in cloud shapes, and made soft cloud shaped pillows to snug with.


I wanted a mural, and found the cutest bear holding a moon shaped wall lamp. I painted the bear and moon already, because I couldn’t wait until we would be able to buy the wall lamp.


When Ramon came home from work, he was so charmed with the entire room, but mostly the mural. He had the greatest idea to light the moon anyway, without having to buy the lamp. So the painted moon is here to stay.


The second room is the office and mini gym. A huge room, which even looks bigger now the room is light and bright. Almost all the windows were still painted in the original orange colour. I’ve painted them all eggshell black.

home office

In this room the windows are extremely accentuated by the contrast, which makes the windows act as picture frames holding the wonderful ever changing view on the canal.

view outside

I haven’t been able to do any sort of work out, with the renovation taking most of my energy. So I haven’t really thought about the setup of the equipment. The only thing I was sure about, was I wanted a mural of a strong man. And that worked out fine.

mural strong man

When things are settling down, I will brows Pinterest for some great ideas to store the equipment, but for now this is okay.

home gym

The bathroom is something we will renovate in a couple of years. It’s fine as it is. All white, and very, very basic. With a splash of colour by a picture of Malha in Tuscany on the wall, a new rain shower installed, and the ugly mirror on the door decorated, makes a lot of difference already.

bathroom wall

And in any case, my wish already came through…. this bathroom has a bathtub installed.  I can’t tell you how many times I have already been splashing about. I had thought about painting the tile floor with Esher cubes. The toilet downstairs has the same tile floor as the bathroom. We are going to give the little private room downstairs a serious upgrade in the future as well, so I could use it as testing ground for the bathroom. I painted the tile floor, and loved it.


It is just a shitload of work, which made me think twice to start painting the bathroom floor, as it is a lot more surface to cover.

But who knows when I feel the need for some painstaking, monumental task….


Dutch version/ Nederlandse versie