Well, here we are again.




I dreaded it a bit. But in my mind I knew exactly what I wanted to say, and do, if my doctor would react poorly. But she didn’t, even when I told I wasn’t happy about our last meeting. She listened, and reacted accordingly. So I have a lot of tests ahead of me, but within the next month we can rule out a couple of things that could be the cause of my exhaustion and perhaps the answer of currant pains.

So even though nothing has changed the problem for now, there will be some answers soon.




I sent Ramon a WhatsApp, telling him of my visit to the doctor. It is funny how technology can make a person be so close while so far away. He sent me a picture of his view from the hotel in Bucharest. 29 Degrees Celsius, he wrote with a smiley, but in my opinion that’s about it, that could make it feel like a holiday. “You could well be a news reporter visiting a warzone.” Was the only thing I could write back, when I looked at his picture. But then he sent a picture of himself, with a question attached, ”Shirt tucked in or out?” And my frown immediately turned into a smile. Again… so close, yet so far.

He called me in the night, when I was fast asleep, to wish me a good night, and asked me if I could call him in the morning to wake him. He had a, but most likely, a couple of beers to many, and feared he would have trouble waking up. So half past six I made the call, only to be hanged up twice. The third time I called back, I yelled ‘Ramon, wake up!!! Ramon?’

Kuzco crawled underneath the blanket, his eyes half open, wondering if he had missed something. He was sure he never saw Ramon return after he went away with his suitcase. But you could see Kuzco was hoping he was wrong, because he got up to search the house. After all, I was calling Ramon’s name.

Ramon finally woke up, apologizing for mistaken me with the snooze button. When we hung up, I snuggled deep into my blanket. Kuzco had finally given up. He couldn’t find Ramon anywhere, so he jumped on the bed, and pushed the blanket up with his nose, and spooned against me.

Not ready to wake up yet…