I could grow botanical gardens alone, on the happy tears I shed!

For the first time in my life, I have danced with Ramon!



As long as we know each other I always declined when he asked me to dance. I have two serious left feet. The only “dance” that has stuck over the years of my childhood, is something that ought to look like a Twist. Arms bend like a Barbie doll, moving back and forward like doing a power-walk. Knees bend and shaking my fanny on the rhythm of the music. That was how my father danced on parties. Even lifted a leg from time to time!  And everything my father did, I believed was cool, so I did too. But when puberty came, the eternal shame came along, and turned my legs into tree-trunks.

In my heart I wanted to dance so much, but I never dared to. Too afraid to look silly, and too afraid what people might say, so I rather denied myself.

But not anymore!!



I have scratched another item from my bucket list. I was so nervous. We were invited to an anniversary party of friends. I dressed up, wore my high heels, a shiny gold coloured shirt and glitter leggings. Completed the ensemble with a necklace I once got from Ramon, and I felt like a million bucks. I wanted to scratch this item from my bucket list with a side note saying, I did it with style.

Even though there weren’t many people on the dance floor, which made me even more nervous, I was surrounded with the best people ever. Colleagues of Ramon I’ve known ever since I’ve been with Ramon. They boosted me with the right amount of confidence I needed to turn my tree trunks into twigs.



I loved every minute of it. And I laughed so much, that I totally forgot all the other people in the room.



I did my very best not to cry, but being there on the dance floor in Ramon’s arms, slightly over dressed feeling like a disco ball amongst all the other casually dressed people, I felt  like Cinderella with my prince, I couldn’t hold them back. Cinderella quickly became Jack Black, but I didn’t care.

I finally had danced with my greatest love and best friend.