I was little miss eager beaver this morning. I woke up as if I had been run down by a truck, but I was happy, and was looking forward to the coming day. I wanted to do many things, but first I had to do something I rather dreaded. But even thát didn’t mind, because the weather was great!

I finished my delicious hot bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon and honey. Something I even look forward to, when I go to sleep the night before. Probably due to some stress, it didn’t hold it for long. But I always hold on to the thought, that something will always hold, however small.

I went for a walk with Kuzco, and then it happened.

Kuzco did a poopoo. A rather large one, which made me cheerfully happy, because then I would feel less guilty when I can’t immediately go for a second run, when I would return from my undertaking.

I praised my puppy high in the sky, while trying to rub the two sheets apart from the plastic poop-bag. After some agonizing seconds, I succeeded, and bended over to scoop.


A seizure knocked me down.

Thank God, I didn’t fall into my puppy’s brand new, home-build castle, but I did landed with my head on a wooden cube you can sit on. One, on which Kuzzie tried his utmost best to poop against.

A short pain hit my eye, but my seizure was more extensive, so the pain subsided almost immediately. When I stood up after collapsing, I went on with my route. Just took a couple of deep breaths, rubbed the little spot I fell on, and felt a reasonable seize of lump growing on my eye.

Hmmmm, I must have hit it harder than I thought….

When I dropped Kuzco off, I took a quick look in the mirror before I went off again.


quail egg bump


WOW!!! A pretty bump shaped like a little quail egg, was resting on my eyelid.

No time, no time!

Had to hurry to do the thing I had to do, or else I would be late.

When I came home, my eye lost its egg-shaped bump, and replaced it to an overall swollen eye, holding all the colors of the rainbow. I look like Edith Piaf in color on my left side, and tired little ol me on the right.


edith piaf eye


But that didn’t stop me to enjoy the rest of the day. I had so many things planned. I need to do things not to get lost into the negative. I wanted to at least check off two of the things. With the most imported and fun one; trying to walk to the park with Ramon and Kuzco, and have a little picnic. The weather was still very nice. I would be a shame not to enjoy it.




And he did it! Just like yesterday, Ramon walked all the way to the park and back again, without a single yawn. We had a lovely time. Strange, how long it felt since the last time we had a picnic in the park. It has only been two weeks since his heart attack, but sometimes it feels like it has been ages ago. And other times, it feels just like yesterday.

I am so proud of him! Each day he is making progress. It surely will take a long time, until he is fully confident with his body again, but the steps he is making, are good ones.

I hope we can enjoy yet another lovely day in the sun tomorrow. I can really get used to moments like these.