I think I am an even bigger fan now than I already was!



My dad took Ramon and me to see Wonder woman. I am a huge Marvel and DC fan. My dad introduced me to the comic books when I was a little girl, and immediately was hooked. So besides lifting weights, that is another shared love.

But I think this love for superheroes got even greater after I got sick. It gave me so much strength to keep going strong. No matter how hard the battle, especially mentally. Almost every superhero  became one, by suffering hardship. Of course the superpowers are a nice addition, but they all had to overcome their own tragedies. All stories are filled with hope, willpower, strength, forgiveness, and love. How could I not make this my religion? Why should I believe in something /someone that only makes you feel small, and guilty for the suffering  he endured, to ultimately die on the cross, for you to do better? In the end, all superhero stories are no different than the stories told in the bible. But with nicer people, with better outfits, all searching for their inner strength to become a better version of their selves.



Wonder woman’s story is a little different. She didn’t really had to endure any hardship to begin with. But she was taught to be a warrior. And her ‘weakness’ she had to overcome, was doubting her own ability, to eventually stay strong, keep pushing and trying to become the greatest warrior ever. And that is just the subject I’m dealing with at the moment, to stay self confident. Together with the fact Wonder woman, and all the other Amazons for that matter, are looking absolutely drop dead gorgeous, I really, really wanted to see that movie.



And it was everything I imagined it to be. After two Nano seconds of seeing the scene with the Amazons training for battle, I wanted to go to gym, and destroy my puny P.R.’s  with the greatest ease. Halfway through the movie I even had to cry. The way Wonder woman stood on the battleground which no-one dared to enter, fighting off the enemy, I took as a personal message to my own mental state at the moment. A boost of inspiration. And after the movie was done, I was so stoked, I had the terrible urge to wear a Wonder woman onesie, and to paint my mobility scooter in the Wonder woman logo.  My dad joined me in my hyperventilating  burst of enthusiasm in throwing in the craziest, silliest, amazing ideas to either buy or create all kinds of Wonder woman inspired things. But of course one look at Ramon his face, and my hysteria  cooled down…. For a bit at least.



I can’t wait to see the movie again and again. Together with The Green Lantern, I think this will be my all-time favourite. I really needed this kind of feel good, super-duper inspirational movie. This was an amazing movie, and a wonderful evening shared together with my dad and Ramon.

Today was a good day.