For days Ramon buried himself deep in our finances. From time to time I heard him mumble mostly in numbers. I didn’t really questioned myself why, because moments like these aren’t uncommon these days. He worries a lot, especially when the pile of bills need to be payed, but then he usually gets a hold of himself, and everything seems fine and dandy again. But this time it took him longer than usual, while the bills were already payed for.


When I asked him about his thoughts, and what he needed to take his mind of his worries, and what I could do to help, I wasn’t quite prepared for his reply.


His eyes looked heavy, but somewhere in the middle of his mesmerizing gaze I always get lost in, there was a spark of excitement and happiness.



He clicked on the history button of Google search, and showed me a picture of a sidecar. A sidecar we always dreamed about. An old Russian sidecar, fully restored, and ready to use.


A bit surprised, I smiled and said it looked great. Then he showed me a couple more old sidecars, we both share a love for; and I asked him why he showed me all this as we already own a sidecar.


His answer wasn’t what I expected at all. He said; ‘Our sidecar needs to be repaired before we can take it for a drive. And I really want to restore the whole bike, as it needs to be taken apart anyway. But it takes a lot time to do so. So we probably don’t get to ride the sidecar together this year again. And knowing it is something that is high on your bucket list, I want to fulfill your wish before it’s too late.’


As I am still burying my head in the sand involving my kidneys hence my future, I was shocked by his answer. I know he worries and thinks about a lot of things, but not this. I gave him the biggest kiss, and teared up thinking about what must be going on in his head. I never realized his mind took him here, because he always act so cool and tough when it’s about me.



So we went to go see our dream sidecar this weekend. When we arrived, it only took us about three minutes to totally fall head over heels in love with one in particular. It was an Dnepr from 1966, totally restored, and all original features still present.



This was it. We were sold!



We took a stroll through the garage, and Ramon’s eyes gazed at all the spare parts that were neatly stored on shelves covered from floor to ceiling. He told the owner he is going to restore the sidecar we already own, so we certainly would know where to go to when the time comes. They started talking about Russia, Ural and Dnepr, and technical stuff that was way above my head. So I thanked him for the coffee, and took my camera out of my pocket. I could just skip around the workshop, singing a made-up-on-the-spot- song, but I kept it inside and just quietly hummed while vigorously snapping shots of everything around me. I was so happy!!!



Next weekend we can pick it up. And I honestly can’t wait. Now his plans for this summer, he was telling me about a couple of days ago, finally make sense.



We are going to ride together, and take the doggies along on our adventure. Because that is exactly what the sidecar man said; When you buy a Russian old-timer, you buy an Adventure, not a Need for Speed.



I love it!!!