on the dock


A perfect spending of a last day before Ramon goes to Romania for a week. We had to buy some new socks and shorts, so we decided to go shopping in Amsterdam. It was a super relaxed day, and off course I got a little emotional. I can really cry about anything these days. So my eyes teared up when I looked at him, and thought about missing him. Truly strange, because I am so looking forward to be on my own for a few days. I have always loved to be by myself. Before I met Ramon, I did everything on my own. Go to the movies, going out for dinner, etc., etc. But for as long as we have known each other, we seldom are a week apart from each other. So actually, we are a pretty mushy-mushy couple, and I spotted watery eyes on Ramon as well. All though he could have used the excuse of wind blowing in his eyes, because we stood on the ferry. Anyway, that only lasted 75 seconds on a whole day of laughter. So instead of a mushy-mushy couple, we are a just two loving souls….

Or does that sound even worse?



I am going to enjoy myself this week, by doing everything in my own pace. Waking up at the crack of dawn, go to bed early, eat all the things that makes Ramon grossed out, eat dinner at the dining table, watching old classic movies, all kinds of little things I don’t do when Ramon is home.




I know Ramon is going to have a great time as well, even though he is there for work. So after a great and cozy afternoon in Amsterdam, I ironed his shirts, polished his shoes, and we packed his bag together and drank a glass of wine, cheering on us both for having a great week.