It was definitely time for the hairdresser. For all of us. Tomorrow Kuzco would be groomed, but today it was our turn to go. Ramon wanted something completely different this time, and his hair was long enough to choose from different styles. It turned out short, the helmet proof style. Very nice.

I just wanted my split ends cut, nothing special. But dear o dear, how that turned out completely the opposite.

My regular hairdresser Ben, is working less since he turned 65. I had some reality slapped in my face there, because he was the only one permitted to cut my hair. I am a real bitch where it comes to my hair. I want my hair a certain way, and expect that’s how it’s being cut, whether it’s in style or not, and whether or not the hairdresser agrees.

Now his son has taken over this huge responsibility, and he has done well the last few times. Still have my Barbra Streisand/Annie style, with a hint of a-symmetry. But today he not only used the scissors, but he even used the clippers.






I was in shock. I couldn’t quite see what he was doing because his arms blocked my vision. But when he was called to help another colleague, I could see my reflection. And for a moment, no blood was running through my brains anymore.

It was way too short!

It almost looked like a one sided Mohawk. My eyes wanted to cry, but while I kept staring at my reflection, I kind of started to like it. I always wondered how it would look like, and now I know. I almost wanted to do the other side as well, but I am glad I didn’t. I like the bad-ass look, but I love the classic look even more. So I think I will skip the next visit, and let it grow back to my comfortable length of hair.

But for now, I embrace my baby-Mohawk, and use gel

….lots of it.