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Work in Progress


It was a divine relaxed Sunday. We slept in, woke up with the sun toughing my cheek, and warmed my frosted nose. It was rather cold, and when I looked up the window, I saw the whole world was white of snow. Fed the cats, fish and Kuzco their breakfast, and turned up the stove. After eating my oatmeal, I woke up Ramon, and we took a morning walk with Kuzco through the fresh fallen snow. It was a morning that I loved everything and everyone so much, it made me smile the whole day through. After the long walk, we got home, I snuggled next to the stove, and got so tired. Yesterday was a good day in the gym, we started to use my notebook again to write down everything I did. I worked hard, and felt great doing so. But on Sundays, I have to pay the price. So my energy is low, and my head hurts more than usual. So is today, and with an added bonus, muscle pain. My entire body hurts, I love it! I went to bed after I warmed by the stove, and to my surprise, Ramon snuggled next to me a couple minutes later. And that set the tone for the rest of the day. Cuddling, relaxing, and making jokes. Ramon made some pictures of me while drawing, and that was it. A good way to start the week well rested.

joyce kleine drawing



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Joyce Kleine – Work in Progress