This day was wonderful. Bad weather was the forecast of today, so we decided to hop in the car, and drive to another mountain where something called ArteSella would be. Arte Sella is an international exhibition of contemporary art, born in 1986, which takes place in open air fields, in the woods of Sella Valley ( Borgo Valsugana, Trento). It was high on my to-see list, especially the Cattedrale Vegetale, the green cathedral. I had such great expectations when I read their website. I regretted that we were one week too early. There are also concerts being held in nature, between the artworks, starting next week.


green cathedral


When we arrived the weather was great! Windy, but warm. And when we arrived at the entrance, I immediately went in happy hyper mode.




A charming green covered pergola with little green colored bistro sets placed in line, made me think of an Italian sauce commercial. It was a most idyllic scene. Just to get the taste of it, I wanted to sit there… live, laugh, and love the people I am with, and enjoy pastas, antipasti, olives and wine.

For now I settled for a cappuccino, it was way too early for such extravaganza. I just really wanted to sit there, and let my fantasy color the moment.




To my, non-shared, surprise, it turned out to be run by alternative people. Everywhere we looked there were little signs suggesting it, and when we were presented the choice of menu, everything was either organic or bio-dynamic. The coffee was just fine, but the coke Eric ordered, was one of the weirdest tasting coke ever. I cannot remember if he finished his drink, I only remember this was certainly the cause of the, live-laugh-and-love moment, that suited my image of the Italian sauce commercial.


joyce and ramon sillyness


Then we walked the route of the ArteSella, and I loved it so much. It reminded me of the open air museum in Antwerp. It was so beautifully done. Ramon and I probably have shot 500 pictures that day in ArteSella alone. I am grateful we were able to visit this museum. It was everything I expected it would be.




We continued our quest to Trento, a historical city, only 45 minutes away. We enjoyed some wine and beer together, and after some sightseeing,  we headed to the town near our camping site, to eat some dinner. Italians know how to cook real food. My-di-my….. It was foodgasm all around. And again, the surroundings were just so idyllic, it was a great compliment to the food and coziness between the four of us. A very good day, if I do say so myself.


joyce and ramon