Appointment number one, check.

They will keep me in surveillance, because it still doesn’t look good. Will have to continue the treatment, and I will have to have a keen eye on any birthmark that trouble me more than all the other erratic birthmarks. If so, I can come by immediately, otherwise wait till our next appointment. So for now nothing changed much, except for some clarity, and that by itself is reassuring.


barbeque sauce


Saturday was a good day. A family lunch with my brother in law and his wife, my mother in law, and Ramon off course. We lunched at a Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg, an estate of exceptional beauty. Unfortunately the weather was bad, so we couldn’t sit on the terrace, but we had a lovely time just the same. We pre-celebrated both birthdays of my mother- and brother-in law. The food was exquisite, the wine tasteful, surroundings beautiful, the restaurant itself stylish and elegant, but not over the top. We even got a homemade barbeque sauce as a gift when we left.

But the finishing touch was the company. It was a nice, loving, and fun afternoon. One of many in the near future I hope.