Benjamin is doing well. The results were positive, which means we know absolutely nothing. Terribly annoying, because nothing is solved at the moment, and we are back at square one. We will let it rest for the moment, and see how Benjamin’s doing in the coming weeks. But I’m glad he is home, and that he isn’t in shock from the whole ordeal.

This morning the sun was shining, and I really felt like writing. So before I even considered making breakfast for myself, I made a cup of coffee and let the morning sun warm my back, while I started writing.

It is going to be a cute little story about Benjamin going to the vet, and Kuzco wanting Jaap the sheep being tended to his wounds also. And as I stitched Jaap’s wounds, so was Benjamin getting his treatment at the vet.

I will have to make some beautiful drawings off course to make the story come to life, but that is something for another day.