I wish I could sit here forever. But on the other hand, I would freeze my but off once my hot water bottle cooled and my thermos of coffee was empty. So I just enjoy this serene moment while it last. I went to the park this morning. Kuzco needed to run of his energy after three non-park days. It is cold, and sunny and there is nobody in the park but me and Kuzco. Birds are singing, and the air smells of thawing wet leaves that are touched by the warmth of the morning sun. I took a thermos of coffee, and a hot water bottle with me, because I wanted to enjoy this wonderful morning for as long as I can. I sit on our favorite bench, and meanwhile play fetch with Kuzco.

It feels like the calm before the storm. I kind of dread the day that is before me. Family matters… but thank God during dinner.

The food will be so good. That will be a nice counterpart. I will take a last sip of my coffee, and then I’ll head on home and start preparations for dinner.

Lemony chicken pie with stewed pear on the side.


lemony chicken pie


Sweet, meaty, and a hint of salt and sourness. Just like family, sweet and meaty, with a little sourness, but because they all melt together when you take a bite and chew on it for a while, it is just how it’s meant to be. With a little effort, it’s perfection.