I got out of bed and without lifting my feet, I shuffled to the bathroom. Still a little groggy I lifted my head to look in the mirror, and in an instant, my eyelids cracked up The Sandman’s hard work. And while the cement was crumbling down, my eyelids remembered their other job…. To keep my eyeballs in.




The Annie-gen was thriving today. That much was clear. I tried to tame it with a brushstroke, but when I released the brush at the end of my curls, it bounced back to an even worse fluff.




Okay, this was going to be ‘such’ a day.


Fi-iiiiiiiiiiiine by me!

So, I will have find some orphans, sing with my dog, cuddle a bald man, and kick a tall drunk woman, and a blond lady who speaks with a lisp.

Mmmmm, it really is a hard knock life….

Because I got me curls, and me dog……. Singing the life out of us with the ‘Tomorrow’ song with an astounding resonance from the shower performance, but that’s about it.

It’s a good thing, I will see my psychiatrist today, because I think there will be plenty to talk about.