Today; visit Ducati factory, and then…. Venice.




Oh how I love Venice.




The Ducati factory tour was fun and very interesting to see, but for me, Venice was the best part of the day. Again, it rained when we left early in the morning. With a two hour drive to Ducati, the weather didn’t change much. But when we arrived, the humidity was 95% and the temperature 25 degrees celcius. The holiday feeling started to return. Eric was as happy as a child. He wanted to visit the factory since he drives a Ducati, and is one of the biggest fan of motorcycle races I have ever met. I almost got emotional as well, just by recognizing all the feelings that rush through your body, when you meet somebody or something you admire. It was such a sweet memory that resurfaced for me; the meet and greet with Dana Linn-Bailey. So I think I enjoyed watching Eric more than the whole Ducati education tour.


Then we headed to Venice, and the weather became better and better. I wanted to shoot everything I spied with my little eye.




In fact…. I think I did…




Everything was just so beautiful.




I remembered my aunt and uncle once told that the smell in the streets were horrible. But they went on a warm summers day, and apparently  the waters that run through the city is also used as a sewer. So the warmer and dryer it gets, the more it stinks. But luckily it hasn’t been that warm and dry yet, so it was good.




We walked for miles and miles, every little nook and cranny was covered and put on camera. But the highlight of Venice we came to see, was the San Marco square. I was so exhausted, I shed a tear when I inhaled the awesomeness of it all. My head was killing me, I crossed my physical boundaries on way too many levels, but I loved being there so much!


venice by night


We even had dinner in Venice alongside the water. It was utterly charming, especially when all the lights turned on when it became dark. I wouldn’t have want to miss it in the whole wide world.




Ciao bella Venezia.