Yesterday, while writing about all my little characters I’ve created so far, my mind was already on a new character.

stair stringer

One that will be put on top of the stair stringer. Although a stair stringer is often used as part of a banister, I encourage Ramon to just do the opposite. I hate the stains on the edges of the paintwork, from the dirt and grease of the hands, that touch it all the time. It needs to be cleaned so often, which damages the paint layer more quickly. I. If you just use the railing, you can still walk down safely.

So I thought a mouse with an umbrella would be a nice thing to place on top, so it wouldn’t be touched anymore. I sat at my desk, with all the tools and a piece of clay in front of me. I kneaded, scraped, cut, pushed it back, and suddenly a head formed. Still with the idea that I was going to create a mouse, I kept working on the piece. But instead of creating the shape of a mouse, the shape turned into Kuzco.

clay on desk

Without thinking, my fingers were reminded by the shape of Kuzco. I stopped for a moment and closed my eyes. I focused on my fingertips, and could almost feel his body. Its shape of his head, his long straight snout with the large round button-like nose at the end. His slender but muscular body, his huge hairy legs like Uggs, and his long swaying tail.


Before I really knew what I was doing, I created Kuzco as I remembered. A sweet happy face, that could really laugh, with his nose high in the air. His long flappy ears flutter in the wind, as is his beautiful tail on his always wagging butt.

looking up

He loved the autumn leaves to play with, and he loved water. I wanted to let him sit in the wind, enjoying all the smells it brought to his button nose. The autumn leaves that blow in the wind, so that they get stuck in his ears. I used to call them his seasonal earrings.

autumn leaves

And I wanted him to wear wellies. Something to jump in in the puddles after the rain, playing in the water. But the wellies would also stand for all the sillyness I made him wear in his life. I wanted to emphasize what a softy he was, even though he could be the exact opposite, this is the part that dominated his personality, and how I want to remember him.

big smile

It all started with a mouse, and ended with a rendition of Kuzco. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet, or where I’m going to put it. I don’t think I’m going to put it on the stair stringer. I think I’m going to make something else for that. But maybe it I’ll use Kuzco anyway, I don’t know.

sitting Kuzco

First it will have to dry. It does that beautifully on my desktop.

Then we’ll see…

Dutch version/Nederlandse versieĀ