Yesterday was the last day of two weeks on a row of shitty things to do.

I had the cystoscopy, which in the end wasn’t as horrible as told. I think because it’s like the procedure I do every day, every two hours. So I am used to how it feels. Never thought I would actually be thankful for something I so hate to do. Another positive thing is that you immediately get the results. strange things were found. So that was really good news for a change.



A perfect way to finally start preparations for our holiday.

Strangely it still doesn’t feel like we’re going on vacation. Normally I am bouncy and exited, days before we go. Two weeks in advance I would have start packing, driving Ramon insane because he can’t find things anymore. But now, I haven’t done a thing. And still can’t find the right mood to start. I am cutting it real close, but maybe once this day is starting, I will find that right mood, and start packing our bags.

We have a jour de Coiffure. The doggies will go this afternoon, and Ramon and me, tonight. It is way overdue, the four of us look like a bunch of hobo’s. We even had a good laugh about it making fun of each other with my sister and her best friend. When we are all done today, nobody will recognize us anymore.

And while I write those words, a spark of happy, tingles through my body. Maybe this is just what I need! Cutting  my hair short and bouncy again. Feeling renewed. Away with those hairs that had to join me in all those shitty things of the last few weeks. Those hairs that make me look even more tired than I already am.

Yes!!! I think I’m going to start feeling eager to start this day.



When Kuzco is ready at the groomer, when can finally fit the shoes we got from my parents. I had managed to try them on Malha, because her feet were still reasonably trimmed. We needed dog shoes for Italy when we are roaming through a city, where the pavement can be extremely hot. We don’t want them to get blisters on their paws, so we searched the internet for shoes that protect against hot pavement, as well as salted ice. That way we can use them anytime when needed.



When we told my parents about the shoes, I was expecting  they would laugh it off. Because we don’t act like your everyday dog owner. We go through great lengths to make our puppies feel happy, safe, and loved. As they are our children, except with fur. But instead they applauded the idea. ‘We like to give you the shoes they need, they are our grandpups, and they deserve only the best.’ was their answer.

So today Kuzco and Malha will get their Italian summer trim, aka super-duper short trim. So we can roam the streets of Florence, wear paw-protection when needed, and eat spaghetti and ice-cream in the shade.

Yes!!! I am going to start packing!!!! (happy, bouncing, clapping of hands)