It’s raining cats and dogs here, but this morning it finally stopped. We decided to go hiking. It was supposed to be a short walk so the guys could go for a ride in the afternoon. Boy, did it all turned out differently.




It started good, we were fresh and full of good spirit. But it all went south when it started raining again.


We left with all our stuff still outside, and opened our windows to let the wind cool the tent and the camper. Anouk panicked, and started to walk in a super-fast pace. She wanted to get back to their camper to try and safe everything from becoming soaked. We already gave up, we wouldn’t be back in time anyway, so why rush.




We split up, and continued our walk in our own speed. It turned out to be a very adventurous hike. We got astray from the hiking path, so the road was full of narrow, muddy paths, with obstacles such as ancient roots, slippery stones, streams with little waterfalls to jump across, and even a swamp to pass through. I loved every minute of it.




When we took a break at a perfect spot at the lake, I proudly showed my dirty legs, and even worse boots. I hated to buy these boots, because why buy shoes you probably wear only once? Well… now I was happy I bought them, and a pure love relationship between my feet and boots, was blooming and blossoming from that moment on. Now it really were tough man boots, as if I was a serious hiker. I loved it!




The hike took way much longer than we thought. We were exhausted. I was glad I took extra meds with me, otherwise I would never have made it without having at least 30 or more seizures.

When we got back to the camping site, our camp-neighbours had zipped up our tent. Only one window they missed, was still open. Sadly it was exactly where our clothes and bed were at. Ramon and Eric still went for a ride after our mega intense hike for just us little old first timers. But sadly during their rainy tour, Eric’s bike broke down. Ramon picked up Eric and his bike somewhere on a rainy spot on the mountain. As if even mother nature was sad about what happened. So from that moment on, the bike was parked on the trailer, and Ramon had to ride alone in the days to come.

When the day was at its end, we were all tired, wet, cold, and disappointed. Because this whole trip was for Ramon and Eric to ride the mountains of Italy together.




But I on the other hand, was proud and happy as well. My first time ever, hike and camp, and already I feel like a pro. Ramon cleaned his boots before we went to sleep, but not me. I want to be reminded of my adventure when I look at my boots. They carried me through slippery sucking mud, rivers, and scary little snakes and other eerie creatures. These boots are some serious ass kicking hikers now!