With moments like these, working on my project, taking pictures of the things that make me happy, is really no trouble at all. Even so, I wish every day could be as happy as these last two days.



I am amazed of the amount of influence, sunlight has on me. Instant happy feeling. Yesterday was such a lovely sunny day, that even Ramon wanted to join me on our tiny little balcony for a cold glass of Chardonnay with some appetizers. I felt so utterly happy at that moment. Ramon smiling and telling me his great ideas for summer, and the doggies laying at our feet, with an occasional growl and sweetest question mark on their face, looking if there still are some appetizers left to share, to then let out a very disappointed sigh when they put their heads to rest again. Picture perfect.



And even on a day of which I knew would be super fun but terribly draining, the afterglow didn’t lose its spark for a long while. Even so, it made us sign in not only Malha for a new semester at doggy school, but Kuzco as well.



It was a kind of orientation day, called Sniffing Day, where you could try out all sorts of courses that each lasted for about half an hour. We signed in for two courses each.



Ramon took Malha, and me Kuzco. I was so scared my energy would be letting us down, but I made it through an hour of exuberating,



belly aching laughter,



loving every minute with my old little boy.



And I knew Kuzco loved it just as much, for his eyes were stuck on me, and the biggest smile was stuck on his face.



I just couldn’t get enough of this day. Again the sun was shining, Kuzco and Malha were super exited. Happy dogs all around, and a very nice, relaxed, and joyful atmosphere. No pressure, no being the best, brightest or fastest; just fun, sun, and shooting lots of pictures, being together with Ramon and the doggies.