Our balcony was painted last winter, or rather, paint has been puked all over. I was so disgusted by their manner of work, and how they left it behind when it was so-called done, that I couldn’t care less about redecorating the balcony anymore. Plus the fact that we wanted to buy a house, it didn’t seem relevant to put a lot of energy in it.

But we can’t buy a house, because of all the new rules the government made up. And now that the sun is shining more frequently, and the temperature is slowly rising, I would like to sit on my balcony again.


drilling machine


So I have been busy. I have divided all the work that had to be done into two days, and now it is finished. When the sun is shining, I can lie butt naked in the sun if I wanted to, and I have planted all kinds of vegetables and herbs in the planters.

Even though it was not an awful lot of work, it sucked me dry. Tomorrow will most likely be retribution day, but it is okay. I will have to wait for a package to be delivered anyways, and hopefully I feel good enough tomorrow to sit in the sun and watch my vegetables grow.