A perfect day to go bike shopping. Sun shining, happy faces, good spirits, and 3 shops of our list of 7, to start.

Ramon could very much use a motorbike for commuting. The two main roads to cross the channel are going to close for almost a year. So it going to be hell to get to work and home again. And with a bike it may be a little less frustrating.

The first shop we visited was to be the only one to visit. The bike he saw on the internet was just as good looking and good value for money as showed on the website. So after a test drive he was sold.

Next Saturday we will pick up the bike. We just rented a trailer, so in seven days from now, Ramon can commute a bit easier, and as icing on the cake… he can ride this bike through the Italian mountain passes next June.

Now that’s what I call a good prospect!