I had a wonderful, wonderful day!

It was exactly how I hoped  it would be.



We went to the Christmas market in Haarlem, and then we would pick out a tree and buy fried dough.

That is something that became sort of tradition, every time we bought a Christmas tree. Every time we were swooned by the sweet vanilla scent of freshly baked fried dough and apple beignets, and hungry enough by working hard, picking out the best tree out of the thousands of trees packed up together on the farmers land in the in the cold December air, to not resist. And thus driving home with a much too tall a tree sticking out of the back of the car, and hot sweet steamy smelling damps filling the interior of the car, that took at least three days until the smell got out.

That’s exactly how I wanted, what may be our last Christmas tree shopping adventure, would be again. A sweet trip down Memory Lane.

But I think this was even better! Even though I felt terrible from the ulcer I am having at the moment.



The city did its best to cover you with Christmassy feelings.



Pretty lights everywhere, at least four different Christmas songs loudly blasting through the streets, and the smell of mulled wine, warm hams, Christmas greens, and warm waffles and fried dough, filled your nostrils at every corner. It was super-duper cold, and we even got a bit of white from the sky to make the whole Christmas idea complete.



When we took a rest on a terrace with heaters to warm me up a bit, we went on our search for the prettiest Christmas tree. We couldn’t reach an agreement to which one was the prettiest. I already knew exactly which one I wanted. No other tree could match it’s perfect imperfection. But I didn’t mind scuffing along all the other trees, and let their scent stick to my gloves every time I let my fingers through their branches.

‘It’s an ugly misshaped tree! I even think we should get a discount for buying this one. It doesn’t even have a proper Christmas peak… They all are doing the happy dance when we drive off with this one, glad to be rid of it.’ Ramon said. I could only laugh at his sarcasm, and gave him the biggest kiss. ‘And still I want this one. I think this is the best looking tree for our house.  I can already see our little mice scatter around the tree, with little Peter at the top holding the star with his candy cane wizard staff. Thinking he’s the greatest mouse ever, to hold the star in place. No peak is needed.’



And so we drove off with my beautiful (mis)shaped tree, that for once could actually fit inside the car. Double the joy!



I couldn’t wait decorating the tree with our beautiful ornaments I’ve collected over the years. It’s all from SIA, a Swedish company, that kept this line of decorations for many years, so I could increase it to the numbers that would fill up a tree.

Some sweet music on the back ground, Ramon taking pictures, and cuddling with Kuzco and Malha,



and me completely in Zen.



Decorating, humming, smiling and kissing.



This was the best Christmas tree adventure ever!!!