Ever since we started fixing the office space from a very bad water leakage, my creative mode had been turned on again.



Especially when we decided to make a workspace covering the washing machine and dryer.



Ramon suggested it would be a perfect folding space and the shelves above will serve as a great place for storing our linens. He could even make an ironing board on it that hangs on hinges set on the outside of the workstation. That way I could swing it up when I need to iron, and no fuzz when the ironing board needs to be stored.


Even though I loved the housekeeping-think-along, I kinda freaked out…


Nononooooo… That would mean all the linens would have to match color. But the bedroom has a totally different color than the shower or the kitchen, so I could never match them to store neatly folded on the shelves, unless everything is white. But I hate white, cause it never stays white with pets.


So, no. However brilliant the idea, this was not going to happen.


Then it struck me. It would be a perfect drawing desk. The light is perfect there for drawing and painting. And the shelves would be the perfect show case for some of my work, and drawings I get from kids as a gift. Not to mention all my crayons, paintbrushes, ink and feather. Oooh, how I can already picture myself at work.


But we have to save some money to make it happen, so I will have to wait at least till December. But my creative frontal lobe has been activated. It itches like crazy. I want to sand down, paint, and pick out the most beautiful wall paper for my side of the room, and then cover the wall. I want to install my materials. Hell, I want to draw! Oil paint even!!



I have scratched the itch for a bit, which feels great!



I have painted the most beautiful family together scouting the dunes. I still want to write and draw the story of Kuzco Maya, and Malha, but I haven’t felt the inspiration yet to do so. But this picture was stored in the back of my brain. I wanted this picture either on paper, or canvas. So apparently, canvas it is.



It didn’t took me long to paint. After a week it felt good, finished. So I signed the painting, and now it stands to dry.



I want to paint more!



But with no canvas on reach at the moment, I got a splendid idea this morning. I am going to decorate the frame of a mirror I got from my sister al long time ago. It is stored at the attic. I took it over from her at a time the mirror held sad memories for her, plus she found it hideous.



I turned the mirror on its side, and topped the frame with a larger piece.



Now I am going to paint it fairy like. I know exactly what I want to paint. A starry sky on the left, and sunny sky on the right. Maybe an ivy along the side, with some butterflies, and maybe a guard on each side at the bottom. One asleep, and one standing guard.

Yes-yes, I can see it so vividly, I can’t wait to start.



But first, a proper ground to work, and that is something I like just as well!