We went for a little ride on the sidecar, without the doggies. I had filled a bag with snacks, coffee and rosé for a picnic. The weather was good enough for a ride to the beach, and just chill out on a blanket to enjoy this beautiful day.



I just love it so much, to sit next to Ramon and enjoy the rough and noisy ride the sidecar makes. And because it can’t go any faster than 60 km per hour, you can really enjoy the surroundings while driving.



We went to Zandvoort. There was still a nice spot left on the beach that was downwind. Even though a lot of people thought it was a good idea to go to the beach on such a nice September day as well, it felt like we were all alone in a cocoon, observing all the people around us. It was nice and quiet, and the sun was actually quite warm, which made the cold rosé taste even better.



We laughed and yoked about a young seagull, which was rather bold, and almost joined us on our blanket begging for treats.



‘Really, this is a true personal reflection I’m having right now. Seeing Kuzco and Malha are just as audacious in their begging for treats.

Hmmmm….I wonder if we just look so easy to manipulate for food… I just have to look more strict, I’ve just learned.’



‘You mean be more strict.’ I got as reply with some sturdy looking eyebrows.



I laughed, because the seagull was sitting closer to Ramon winking its left and right eye alternately at him. That by itself said enough…


When we drove back home, we decided to get a Chinese take-out first. I had to laugh so hard during the ride, it almost hurt.


When you drive a sidecar, it means you physically have to work really hard. Especially when the road has many sharp turns. You don’t just wiggle the steer left or right, you have to put in all your weight pushing it left or right. So often times I hear a loud caveman-like moan coming out of my earpiece when it’s a heavy turn. But this time, when we crossed a second roundabout short after another, the tire slipped, and made a squeaking sound while turning. I’ve never heard this before, and it made me think of those ‘chasing the bad guys’ scene, in old movies. With squeaking tires and me flying up in the air, to then hit the ground with no suspension of any kind, shaking my helmet back into the right position, and grabbing the bar tight keeping my head low behind the windscreen. We are going super-duper fast you know!!!!

In the split second this scene was playing in my head, I looked at Ramon and laughed so hard. And I knew he laughed at the same thing. This was so cool!



But my limits of excitement were reached when Ramon wanted to proceed this old time movie ride, by going up, almost vertically on a paved dike. At least, that’s how it felt like. A nice short cut, he said…. I screamed like a pig. Oh my God!! When you already suffer severe diarrhea, it is not advisable to scare your pants off. And when he didn’t succeed the first time, he tried again, and again!!! Maybe it was the sheer paleness of color that was left on my face, or the bewildered look, or the fact I almost bended the bar; in any case, he gave up. And I stepped out of of my bin with my knees still wobbling, telling him I will walk to the Chinese restaurant instead. I’m almost certain he will try again when he takes the sidecar by himself for getting a Chinese take-out, and that’s fine by me.


I’m just glad he first have to order what-cha-ma-call-it to install on something-something, before we can take the sidecar to the sandpit, he really wants to go to. I have agreed to come along. Would be/could be cool I said…. But after this vertical paved (!) disgrace, I wonder how hard I will scream going up and down the sandpit….


Please take your time with ordering and installing…..