Magically wonderful…



I already was in awe with the city’s charm when we arrived late in the evening. We checked in at a lovely hotel in the heart of Paris, where we stayed in a tiny but well maintained little studio.



Ramon was so very disappointed when we were told at the check in, the doggies weren’t allowed to stay at the soundproof studio alone, which was the main reason Ramon chose this hotel.


‘All my plans for tomorrow were based on the fact we could visit all the things I know you love. We would first visit the museums of Rodin and D’Orsay, then we would lunch at Laduree, go back to walk the doggies, and for you to rest up a bit, and then we would see the Eiffel tower and have dinner in a fancy restaurant at the Seine. Now, the only thing we can do of my to-make-Joyce-glow-list, is see the Eiffel tower.’


He suddenly looked so small, sad, and exhausted from all the disappointments, I gave him the biggest hug and kissed him.


‘Ramon, I am here! In Paris! That was the main goal. And yes, it is mayor setback, because it was said to be possible when we booked. But there are plenty of other things we can do with the doggies, I bet.’


Then he showed me something he had been working on straight for the last three weeks. A carefully chosen to-do list, four pages long, with all sorts of things he thought I would love to see or do, added with many dog proof options, all written with a little intro and added links.


I stood frozen.  My eyes locked on his. The only thing that showed sign of life were my tear ducts, which started to water up.


Oh my gosh, he worked so hard just for me to have an unforgettable magical wonderful time in Paris. Without having done anything yet, this was the best time in Paris ever!!! Nothing was going to bring it down.


First thing I chose from his list, was to visit the largest flea market of the world. I had no idea what to expect, and it really blew my mind.



This was flea market heaven, which never seemed to end.



Stores and stalls in narrow alleys and side streets of the main road, got us lost within seconds.



Antiques and vintage aka. old junk as Ramon likes to call it, covered in a seven hectare wide maze.



I loved it!


When I became too tired to keep on strolling, we went back to the car, so I could take a miniature rest before we would visit Haussmann Boulevard to watch the amazing store windows of Lafayette,



and Rue de Madeleine to visit Laduree,



and the Whiskyshop.



He wanted to buy a Tomatin Single Malt Whisky Personalized for The Whisky Shop.


It had a picture of the Eiffel tower on it, and it would be a great momentum for our time in Paris. ‘Is this a smooth drinking whisky that will only last one month?’ I asked him with a smile and a wink.  ‘Nope’, he said with a very serious look on his face, ‘We will only drink one small glass together, and then I will store it to only drink one glass every year on your birthday, to remember you and our love together. That’s why I wanted this one.



Again, I stood frozen. And I cried.


We walked back to our studio, hand in hand, and after a moment of silence, Malha started pulling backwards on her leash. The silence was broken by laughter. While Kuzco is already a well experienced travelling dog, Malha is still new at this. Kuzco stood like Marilyn Monroe on the air grid, his ears flapping wildly on the warm wind that came out of it. And because he noticed the laughter was on his behalf, he made his smiley face and walked back and forth over the grid hoping people would pet him. But Malha was only freaked out by this strange  occurrence coming from out of the street all of a sudden, so she twisted like an eel on a fishing line.


Sunday was our 14th anniversary, and we all slept in. I was already so extremely exhausted when I woke up, but this was the main reason for our Paris trip.



We decided to visit Tour Eiffel, and then hop into the car to go see the Temple Romantique, which sits on an island in the middle of a lake in the Bois de Vincennes, the largest public park in the city. It would be fun for the doggies as well. I hoped I could fake Ramon into believing I was full on energy, but I was a fool for even thinking so.



So we only went to Tour Eiffel, and just stroll, and take plenty of stops along the way.



It was truly a wonderful day, with lots of good food and lots of wine.





We even walked past the Rodin museum to catch a glimpse of the garden.


Just being surrounded with all the beautiful memories of every single time we went to Paris, made it the best day ever.  Easy and relaxed, and lots of laughter.



I couldn’t have wished for a more beautiful day to spend with my handsome husband and very best friend.



And even though the doggies exhausted me much more and faster than I would have been, without them coming along, I wouldn’t have want to trade this weekend in the world!